Why to use GreenSoil fertilizers?

GreenSoil Humin products are organic-mineral fertilizers enriched with humic acid, they contain phosphorus, chlorine-free potassium, calcium, sulphur, important micronutrients and organic matter. GreenSoil Humin product line provides a perfect solution for different nutrient requirements in field, orchard and vegetable farming. We recommend our fertilizers for general fertilization even for soils low in humus and nutrients.


  • huminsav maxincreased phosphorus and potassium utilization
  • slow-release and starter fertilizer in one
  • long lasting effect
  • enhancement of plant’s vitality
  • soil improvement effect
  • rich in micronutrients

Increased phosphorus and potassium utilization

Humic acid effectively solubilizes phosphate and potassium that is present in the soil but in an unavailable form. So plants can utilize not only those macro- and micro nutrients from the product, but also the phosphate and potassium solubilized by humic acid. So additional 10% phosphorus and 14% potassium can be added to the product’s phosphorus and potassium content.

Slow-release and starter fertilizer in one

Plant can easily uptake the water-soluble phosphate and potassium from GreenSoil Humin fertilizers. Even after three months humic acid – dissolving continuously from the product – solubilizes additional non-accessible phosphate and potassium in the soil, which prolongs the effect of GreenSoil Humin fertilizers.

Long lasting effect

The leaching of solutes is significantly low with the application of GreenSoil Humin fertilizers, which means nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium remain fixed in the rooting zone. Due to the high humic acid content in GreenSoil Humin products, even after 78 days fewer solutes leach below rooting zone than within 14 days of using chemical fertilizers.

Enhancement of plant’s vitality

GreenSoil Humin fertilizers stimulate sprouting seeds, promote and increase rooting activity, enhance plant’s drought and disease resistance.

Soil improvement effect

GreenSoil Humin products not only nurture but improve soil: an acicid soil’s pH value will be improved to neutral. It is suitable for acidic or exploited soil improvement, or even for recultivation.

Rich in mezo- and micronutrients

GreenSoil Humin fertilizers contain mezonutrients, such as calcium, magnesium and sulphur and rich in micronutrients, such as Fe, Cu, Zn, B and Se. Humic acid helps plant’s mezo- and micronutrient uptake as well as protects them from leaching below rooting zone.