GreenSoil Natural

GreenSoil Natural fertilizer

GreenSoil Natural is a fertilizer that contains 50% humic acid, 60% organic matter, calcium, sulphur and important micronutrients. It is a perfect solution for general fertilization even for soils low in humus, in organic matter and nutrients.

GreenSoil big-bagGreenSoil Natural components: 

  • 3% CaO, stimulates beneficial microbial activity in the soil
  • 6% SO3, promotes utilization of micronutrients
  • 0,6% Fe, strengthens the plant chlorophyll formation
  • 0,5% MgO, contributes to phosphate solution
  • 50% humic acid from Leonardit, increases humus level of soil
  • 60% organic matter, improves acidic or exploited soil
  • important micronutrients: cooper, zinc, boron, selenium and iron


GreenSoil Natural is sold as 8 mm pellets and available in 1.000 kg big-bags or in 25 kg bags. It can be spread with all kinds of fertilizer spreader or with sowing-machine before sowing spring crops in dosage of 300 kg/ha.

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